Etna Wine Guide: the 2017 edition is ready Text also in English language, buy online now

on 08 Giugno 2017. Pubblicato in Archivio articoli dal 05/04/2011 - La guida

It is the most complete publication in the world dedicated to the wines of the Volcano. In total 76 wineries and 285 labels were reviewed. Click here to purchase it

Here we are again with the second edition of the Etna Wines Guide. Ready to tell and report to you what happens on the slopes of the volcano.

With many new entries, 76 wineries have been reviewed, 25 more compared to last edition, proof of the constant and growing dynamism, and many wines have been tested. Exactly 285 among white, red and rosé. These numbers allow us to say that this Guide is the most complete and up-to-date publication in the world dedicated to Etna wines. It includes also, amongst other things, texts in English to be read by foreign wine lovers, increasingly present among the vineyards and the cellars of the Volcano.

All reviewed labels are good. But even this year we were able to highlight those that are really amazing to us. Unmissable Wines. In total we have selected nineteen among them. And we will tell you in the next few days even though our readers have had partial anticipation with the masterclass organized during last Vinitaly. This year as well, indications about restaurants, shops and hotels are not missing, with more information to support gourmet tourists with some new significant entries. As a novelty, we decided to indicate for each winery the related slope. Although the organization based on the contrade is still valid, it seems to us useful to split the Etna territory into slopes: north, east, south-east and south-west. These four areas condense inside some peculiarities. Thus we would like to allow a faster understanding of the territory especially for those who recently approaches the Volcano. In addition, we have described the climatic trend of the last years so as to give a further element of knowledge that also becomes an important comparison tool to appreciate even more the wines and to highlight the excellence tips.

The guide can be purchased immediately online (it costs ten euros plus shipping costs) and you can find it from next weeks even in the bookstores of the major Italian cities.



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