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Maltese restaurateurs towards Michelin:“Please insert our restaurants in the Italian edition”

05 Giugno 2012

Fausto Arrighi 

>“Review our restaurants, give space to  Malta”.

It is not an appeal but not far off. The recipient is no less  than Michelin, the publisher of the most popular restaurants guide that has headquarters in Paris. A group of restaurateurs of the island in the middle of the Mediterranean, have grasped the idea  after that  two years ago Antonio and Giuseppe La Rosa landed to Malta to manage the restaurant at  Dragonara Casino in St Julians, far  few kilometers from Valletta, the capital.

Giuseppe La Rosa, La Locanda di Don Serafino owner

The La Rosa are the owners of “La Locanda Don Serafino”, a  Starred  restaurant of Ragusa, in Sicily, and they brought a “new air” in Malta. From there the request from part of Maltese restaurants.

They don’t pretend a star at any cost, but they wish to see some pages dedicated to their Island into the Italian version edited by Fausto Arrighi. He knew about this request and He will  be the spokesman in Paris. On the other hand, some local gourmet people know that there are locals that might merit some attention. Wandering between Valletta, Medina and the Island of Gozo  there are some good restaurants. And the presence of Michelin also means  that there are some demanding tourists. And the restaurateurs in Malta  want to take up the challenge.


Translated by Maria Antonietta Pioppo