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Sicilian wines you can not give up/2. Ten Nero d’Avola among classic and outsider wines

02 Maggio 2017
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We continue our journey to discover the Sicilian wines we love the most even in view of the G7 in Taormina to meet the demand of those who ask suggestions on how to drink well. 

Below ten Nero d'Avola among great classic and outsider wines to be discovered.

Nerobufaleffj 2010 – Gulfi
The quintessence of Nero d'Avola. The best expression of contrada Bufaleffi in Pachino, a real grand cru for this cultivar.

Doc Eloro Fontanelle 2011 – Curto
Typicality and classicism. Fragrances and flavors of the southeast of Sicily enclosed in a bottle that is able to make us travel by means of the sensations it evokes.

Yrminum 2012 – Armosa
Obtained from grapes harvested late. Rich, overflowing to the palate, it strikes for its great harmony. Less than a thousand bottles are produced, but it's worth looking for.

Siccagno 2014 – Arianna Occhipinti
Straight, solar, far from the trends, it fully represents the terroir of origin and the character of the young winegrower who produces it.

Vrucara 2012 – Feudo Montoni
From vineyards of the Agrigento hinterland, located at 500 meters of altitude in the territory of Cammarata. Fine, balmy, incisive, persistent. Great interpretation of Nero d'Avola.

Doc Sicilia Sàgana 2014 – Cusumano
This wine is now a classic made by one of the most famous Sicilian winery with grapes of the San Giacomo di Butera estate in the province of Caltanissetta. Richness and finesse able to create great balance.

Doc Sicilia 16 Filari 2015 – Case Alte
It is produced in the hilly area of Camporeale in the province of Palermo. Not excessively material and well articulated, it is very versatile at the table, resulting in a great combination for many dishes.

306 2015 – Salvatore Tamburello
We are in Poggioreale, inland of Trapani territory. 306 is the name of the cadastral particle where the vineyard is located. Elegant, colorful, original. A Nero d’Avola with great personality.

All’aria 2012 – Casale del Frate
It is produced by a small winery in Partanna in the province of Trapani. Mediterranean, marine, fascinating, is able to better reflect the scents and flavors of the Island.

Doc Eloro Pachino Riserva – Archimede 2012 – Marabino
Complex, structured, velvety. From an over 40-year-old bush-trained vineyard, cultivated according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, an excellent wine that will be interesting to follow over time.

Doc Sicilia Cartagho 2014 – Mandrarossa
From vineyards of contrada Torrenova in Menfi in the northwestern part of the province of Agrigento. Powerful, structured, warm, will accompany very well complex dishes with intense flavors.

Cembali 2011 – Baglio di Pianetto
Produced by the winery of Count Paolo Marzotto with grapes coming from the Baroni estate in Noto. Robust, variegated, balsamic, it is a wine with great intensity that will evolve over time.


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