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Sicilian wines you do not have to give up. We start from Grillo with 10 very good labels

02 Maggio 2017
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Taormina will host the G7 event, a unique opportunity for Sicily to be known and appreciated. 

According to the more informed, among the many journalists and people involved in the work that will crowd the town there are people who want basic information to know more about Sicily to drink and eat. They asked us for a contribution of knowledge. We start from Grillo, white grapes variety, one of the wines that best characterise the Sicily of wine at this time. Here are ten very good labels.

Selection 10 Grillo

Grappoli del Grillo 2014 – De Bartoli
Produced by a company that occupies an important place in the history of Sicilian wine, it is surely one among the best of this kind. Full, intense, saline, able of a long evolution over time.

Egesta 2015 – Aldo Viola
From grapes of Pietrarinosa district in the territory of Calatafimi Segesta. Marine, salty, it is living matter: at each sip something new is perceived. An ultraterritorial wine.

Doc Sicilia Lalùci 2016 – Baglio del Cristo di Campobello
It is one of the most successful Sicilian white wines. Very fresh, its fine citrus notes recall the locations of the rural Agrigento it comes from. Very pleasant.

Doc Sicilia Kheirè 2016 – Gorghi Tondi
From the vineyards located close to the sea in Mazara del Vallo, in a place of enchanting beauty, the Riserva Naturale Lago Preola and Gorghi Tondi of Wwf. It is fine, very fragrant, thick. It successfully combines very well richness and drinkability.

Doc Sicilia Grillo Parlante 2016 – Fondo Antico
Produced in the territory of Trapani, a classic area for the cultivation of this variety. A very well done wine, characterized by linearity and cleanliness. It will combine with the dishes in a discreet manner, exalting its flavours.

Doc Sicilia Grillo Vigna di Mandranova 2016 – Alessandro di Camporeale
A wine rich of personality produced in the hilly area of the hinterland of Palermo province. It stands out for the agility and the fresh profile with a more lively acidity compared to the white wines produced near the sea.

Doc Sicilia Grillo 2016 – Feudo Disisa
The wonderful vineyards of Grisì in the Monrealese countryside provide grapes for this great white. Very fresh, it can accompany both fish and vegetarian dishes.

Doc Sicilia Grillo Mozia 2016 – Tasca D'Almerita
It represents the expression of a tiny territory at the western end of Sicily, the island of Mozia, located a short distance from Marsala coast. It is elegant, savory, every sip is an invitation to drink the next.

Doc Alcamo Grillo 2015 – Bioviola
The label of tip of a small organic farm managed by young people full of passion and enthusiasm. With a strong Mediterranean imprint, it will be a great combination for many seafood dishes.

Family & Friends 2015 – Feudo Maccari
A Grillo from Noto, in the south east of Sicily, far from the typical area of this cultivar. Rich, consistent, soft, exotic. For those who want to try something special.