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Prize “Annalisa Sagona” assigned to Antonio Cappadonia

06 Febbraio 2012
cappadonia cappadonia

Andrea Valenza, Annalisa Sagona’s husband
handing the award to Antonio Cappadonia

Annalisa Sagona can be defined as the “soul” of this special prize.

In the past her continuous curiosity was a precious source of important information in order to write up the list of prize winners. She was a very nice person: her personality was a mix of knowledge and kindness. Unfortunately she died few months ago. Among the other Best in Sicily prizes we want to include a special one recalling her name. In fact, Cronache di Gusto wants to recognize this prize to a person that is distingueshed in Sicilian wine and food sector and whose fame, passes over regional boundaries.

The prize “Annalisa Sagona “ was awarded to:

Antonio Cappadonia
master ice cream maker
Cerda (Pa)

The reason of the prize
From America to Japan a lot of people come to find out his secrets. In little laboratory l, he talks about territories and products, with a ill-concealed skil and a rare expertise, studying the results achieved by of all that he produces or makes into. High professionality artisan, defensor of biodiversity, knowledge and flavours “saver”.
We want to give you an only advice: Go visit Cappadonia’s ice cream parlour.


Translated by Maria Antonietta Pioppo