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Wine Future, november 2011: Hong Kong Gaja and Bisol superstar

12 Settembre 2011
gaja-bisol gaja-bisol

The event

Into the wine world there are many expectations for the event that takes place 6 – 8 of November in Hong Kong. There’ll be a lot of important presences in wine, Robert Parker, famous wine writer, Pancho Campo, president of the Wine Academy of Spain. This is the second time the event Wine Future was organized by this Academy. In fact in 2009 it organized the same event in the region of Rioja.
Two major Italian wine-makers will take part as speakers: Angelo Gaja and Gianluca Bisol (photo). Angelo Gaja will be speak at the conference entitled “larger scale artisan wines” together with David Pearson and Miguel Torres. Main topics of the conference will be the technological innovations, human achievements, and the demands of the market that have led to a recent change in the acceptance that wines of high quality needn’t only be the domaine of small-scale production.

Tasters, winemakers and marketers worldwide, as they lead you to understand why wines from the Old and New worlds both can achieve consistently fine results.

Gianluca Bisol take part as a speaker at the conference entitled “Sparkling wine now and then” with Pedro Ferrer and Tony Jordan. The main theme of the conference are the three most famous sparkling wines, Champagne, Cava, Prosecco. Their representatives will explain the current market trends on these particular products, where they can open up new opportunities, challenges and explain how the wine trade could be used to improve sales and consumpion both in Asian market and beyond.

(Translation by Maria Antonietta Pioppo)