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The great beauty of Italian wine: 4 wine producers tell to MW

15 Maggio 2014
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Piero Antinori, Gaja Gaja e Alberto Tasca d'Almerita

>There is the young Gaia Gaja, Angelo Gaja's daugther. She will describe the variety of vineyards “Italia” as an unquestionable force point and there is  the marquise Piero Antinori will be on podium to seal the  prestigious presence of Master of Wine in their  four-year symposium that for the first time will take place in Italy, in Florence.

There's Alberto Tasca d'Almerita, managing director of one the oldest wineries in Italy . He will tale the history and the culture of  South Italy  that has still a lot of things to tale and there is Maurizio Zanella, the president of Conzortium Franciacorta and patron of Cà del Bosco. Four protagonists for unmissable date tomorrow morning at Palazzo dei Congressi in Florence. The session will be moderated by the master of wine David Gleave and it will be at 11. The title leaves space to the imagination: “The Italian conquest: the renewal of a classical culture of wine”.

The MW want to know “how Italy grows up until to become one of the most interesting Countries for wine production? The main protagonists of wine production talk about the renaissance of the classical denominations, the appearance for new regions and why Italian vineyards represent reference point for wine makers all over the world”. Gaia Gaja gives some anticipation about her presence: “Italy is a small Country  but it has a lot of variety of vineyards. Also Jancis Robinson, master of wine, present at the symposium in Florence, gives a list of 377 vineyards in her book  “Grapes”. Furthermore we have to add 330 Doc and  73 Docg. Someone says that it's too much. it's true, but it also our force. Nobody is surprised that in Burgundy there are 150 different denominations among  Village, Premiere Cru e Grand Cru. And the denominations that the territory offers re a great refuge for may artisans of Italian wine”. Gaia Gaja adds: “On 35 thousands  wine companies in Italy, 28 thousands are managed by small wine makers, artisans and nowadays,  thanks to new technologies, it's easier to communicate the own work, the results in vineyards and in the cellar. But nowadays we have to take over. it's not enough to say that we make a good wine. We have to learn to instill values like identity, respect of territory, history and culture. Our wine is one of those  it's better to drink with food. And we also have to communicate this concept all over the world”. 

Sicily as Italian metaphor of wine is one of the treated themes of Alberto Tasca d'Almerita's intevention. He has the managing director of a Sicilian historical winery. Everything starts from the Island because “The Sicily of wine in the last twenty years has been worked magic for its quality, perception and the ability to expand on the market.  In the past we  were considered as a region for dessert, too much alcoolic, bulk and heavy wines. Nowasdays something is changed. And I believe that this renaissance gives and example of what Italy is. But it's not enough. Then I also say – he says – that it's necessary to bring out richness of our history and our culture avoinding that their become a burden. Simple and effective massages needed. The choice of Italy by  master of wine  to do their symposium is a great confirmation that it's a gold moment for our Country.  And then his speech become more ironic: “Sorry if we are Italian, I would say, people that breath in their Dna their history and culture, people that when do something normal use a unique inspiration in the world…”.


Translated by M.A.P.