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Why no Italians among the Masters of Wine?

09 Novembre 2015
Infografica_Master_of_Wine_RIDOTTA Infografica_Master_of_Wine_RIDOTTA


>Why is there still no Italians Masters of Wine? The question become pressing few days ago after 24 new candidates joined  the group of the most prestigious wine-lovers of the world.

A record number has been appointed, as we have already written here. Once again no Italians! There are 320 MW that come from 24 nations all over the world, from the Far East to the Caribbean islands. Some of them from the United Kingdom, as you may expect. Our info graphic well represents all this matter. 

Is it probably a problem of cultural attitude towards wine? Are we less  “British style” even if we speak a very good English?

Some Italians tried:  journalists, producers, sommeliers. Until today no one has succeeded in achieving the highest qualifications from the Institute, currently considered the most authoritative in the world of wine.

The MW are very well-loved in Italy. Probably it would not change much to have an Italian MW. But for the wine world, Italy is always one of the most important countries in the world. It would help us.

The discussion is open.